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My 3 Step Proven System To Relieve The No.1 Cause of Chronic Pain In Dogs

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  • 8 SURPRISING FACTS about Dog Arthritis that will change the way you approach it
  • The 3 Most Significant RISK FACTORS of Dog Arthritis
  • The benefits of MASSAGE and how it can help to reduce the pain and discomfort of Arthritis, and reduce stiffness to help your dog move better PLUS 3 effective Massage techniques that are simple and easy to do
  • How something as simple as a HEAT PACK can provide relief from pain and help manage the discomfort of Arthritis in your dog PLUS an easy to learn heat pack strategy for the shoulders and upper back
  • 5 simple and effective DIETARY suggestions which you can easily integrate into your dog’s diet to help reduce the inflammation and pain from Arthritic symptoms


  • A SPECIAL BONUS STRATEGY - a simple, effective, flowing routine you can use to help your dog relieve and manage the pain and stiffness of Arthritis, slow down the degeneration, make them more comfortable, active and enjoy life more fully with you



'The Online Class was really helpful for tips on how to help my 18 year old dog Chocky. The information was down to earth and  easy to apply without the need for special equipment or skills.It covered different key areas, and I noticed a difference right away when I spent a few minute a day using what I learnt in the webinar. Thanks guys.' 



'The webinar was an excellent way of getting over to people a quick way to ‘get hands’ on and help our dogs.

'Your Dog and Arthritis … Now What' wakes us up to the fact that Arthritis is not always a condition suffered by old dogs as many of us thought.'